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This page lists the Tezekevleri project builders. For the 2017 Natural Plasters Workshop team please visit the workshop page.

 Matthieu Pedergnana

Matthieu has been an architect and natural builder for the past ten years. He discovered the beauty of natural materials and the downsides of conventional building while volunteering in France on “social construction sites”. Since then, he has travelled in different parts of the world and taught himself natural construction, then settled in Turkey and started his PhD in METU on earth plasters for straw-bale walls. He has been teaching in several workshops in Yeniköy (Bayramiç) and hands-on courses in Kerkenes Eco-center with METU students. He is always ready to share his experience and take advantage of any occasion to describe the properties of natural materials, their use and mechanisms.

Xavier Allard

Xavier is a self-taught building enthusiast focused on low-cost alternative architecture. He has primarily looked into earthbag building for the past five years but carries much interest for most alternative building techniques. He volunteered on construction sites in Ethiopia, Malaysia and Turkey, doing all sorts of jobs from woodwork to plasters. He has been an instructor in seven workshops in Turkey since 2014. He enjoys clean and precise work, extensive research and preparation. Xavier is also a professional travel photographer and spends a lot of time abroad. He has a French background but grew up in West Africa, studied in Europe and lived in Turkey for the past 10 years.

Efe Berberoğlu (involved in 2016)

Efe is civil a engineer and a natural builder. He attended Matthieu’s eco-architecture workshop in Yeniköy (Bayramiç) in 2013, then started volunteering as natural builder in Turkey , Ukraine , Sweden and other EU countries. He also got involved in “Köyünü Yaşat”, a sustainable development project by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University , Faculty of Architecture in Bilecik, Turkey.  Contrary to a majority of civil engineers working for unsustainable and conventional building projects, his aim is to become a natural building engineer and a self- builder. Moreover he researches the effects of static and dynamic forces on natural buildings. He is also a traveller, a volunteer and little bit of a juggler.

Aysun-logo_small   Gündönümü Çiftliği

Under the brand “aysun the sütçü”, Aysun and Mehmet work to keep their cows happy and their soil healthy. In return they get tasty dairy products to make a living from. They are on a transition phase from industrial to natural via permacultural principles and holistic management. Their new project called “8bin100” (8100) is about developing a healthy environment where a group of people can live together by combining complementary activities. The project would eventually lead to 100 communities in each of the 81 cities of Turkey. The work done during our workshops will help show that such a project is possible and that motivated people can make a positive change on their environment.


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